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brain performance booster

Obtain the tools to deal with past emotional difficulties and traumatic situations. The app comprises video and audio presentations, and a handbook with worksheets, and mental health remedies.

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brain health and total wellness

Improve your health by understanding the functioning of the brain and  its connections to various organs to determine mental , physical, and social health as well as learning, memory, motivation, and career achievements. 

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cspi career test

No need to be confused about how to select a career  that will give you fulfillment. Simply do the test and discover your career path as well as personality development areas to prepare you for success.

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bible prophecy

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My future is secure

Learn about the future and how you can live happy in it. See the events through the Bible prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in the free web app.

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accounts app

Providing teaching material that includes a textbook, complete text answers, tutorial videos, flash cards-game, pocket notes, creative learning strategies,  pdf printable pages of accounts journals, virtual class, and group forum.

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