the Success series

  • Two Books
  • Brain Performance Booster Video and Audio Presentations

i can make it!

Success is only achieved when a person knows what his or her purpose is in life, has a passion, is able to dream about the fulfillment of them, and then plan how to execute the goals established. I Can Make It provides activities for change, growth, and success. The book covers life skills that include stress management, effective communication, self-esteem, anger management, time management, family life, budgeting, career selection and testing, and steps to take in finding a job as well as resume writing.

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Couple goes of into the sunset at the beach

empowered to make your marriage work

For Singles and Married Persons

Learn to deal with important issues of personality, communication, financial planning, sexual intimacy, and techniques to make your marriage last forever. Worksheets give opportunity for understanding of self and spouse.

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  • Text Book
  • Flash Cards-Card Game
  • 4-Volume Pocket Notes
  • 27 Tutorial Videos

Principles of Accounts

A Brain-Based Learning Approach

Written in the language of your personal tutor, our POA textbook covers the syllabi of the CSEC and GCE exams. Comprehensive questions have been demonstrated and test your understanding exercises have been provided to ensure your understanding and practice of accounting principles.  To aid in study, this textbook comes with complete answers that model the presentation needed for exams answers. Significantly, the textbook also provides opportunities for self-regulated learning and time management skills to complete the 37 textbook topics in a flexible time-frame that satisfies personal goals.


Pair of scales with text

Flash Cards-Game

Consists of 384 questions on accounts. This material can be used as individual revision in the form of flash cards, or as group revision when used as a game.


Text with color coded bar references

God scales with writing

Pocket Notes

This is a four-volume set with samples of all accounts and key terms with brain-based learning strategies to help you remember the formats of accounts.


Two groups of students at their desks with male and female teachers


A Brain-Based Approach to School Guidance and Counseling

This is a practical guide which explains the significance and expected outcomes of brain-based training, as well as its implementation in schools. This approach provides for the needs of teachers, parents and students in a holistic manner. Program plans and vital forms for documentation are included.

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